Unich in Aldein

Robert Gurndin, Lerch 21
39040 Aldein
Tel. +39 0471 886747
Mobile +39 348 0663589


The fields belonging to Unich farm at 1,400 m go as far as the ‘Bletterbachschlucht’, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and known as the Canyon of South Tyrol. Fruit is grown on the farm, which is then made into jam and cordials. As well as this, the old mill is back in action and grain from the farm is milled to be made into bread.

Our products

Fruit cordials

Cordials (raspberry, elderberry, elderflower, red and blackcurrant, lemon balm, peppermint), each 0.5l

Fruit jams

Fruit jams (blackberry, strawberry, raspberry, elderberry, elderflower-apple, elderflower-pear, red and blackcurrant, Cornelian cherry, gooseberry, damson), each 300g

Bread and cereals

A variety of bread made from wheat, rye and spelt; ‘Schüttelbrot’, types of sweet bread

To go by car

Coming from Aldein/Aldino, go in the Lerch direction. At the signs to ‘Bletterbach’ turn right. After 2,5 km turn right again down the road leading to the farm (follow signs).