Lüch da Pćëi in St. Kassian

Marina und Luca Crazzolara, Str. Pecei 17
39036 Abtei / St. Kassian
Tel. +39 0471 849286
Mobile +39 335 1314362
Fax. +39 0471 1722024


The farm is situated above the village of St. Kassian in the Gadertal valley at an altitude of 1,535 m and has been making pasture milk into cheese and yoghurt since the summer of 2001. Only healthy animals provide high quality milk, proven to be rich in omerga 3 fatty acids, and the basis for good, wholesome dairy produce. The cows graze on lush meadows in the surrounding Dolomites and are free to come and go as they please from their newly built open stable. The products are available in the farm shop and also in selected outlets.

Our products

Cheese and dairy products

Fresh, soft and hard cheese made from raw cow's milk; yoghurt (natural, different types of fruit)

To go by car

"Lüch da Pcei" farm can be seen above St. Kassian/S. Cassiano village centre (follow the signs).