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Travelling by car

Guests to South Tyrol usually arrive by car because they want to be mobile during their stay.
Long journeys are tiring for kids. They get impatient and want to be entertained. We have put together a few tips to help make car journeys more pleasant for everyone involved.

  • Take breaks:
    Even when it seems tempting to do the whole stretch in one go, it’s very important to take regular breaks. You should always stop for a quarter of an hour after max. two hours’ driving. You should get out of the car for some fresh air and stretch your legs. This will get your circulation going and send more oxygen to the brain. The most child-friendly places are service stations with playgrounds, where children can run around after sitting down for such a long time.
  • Entertainment:
    The better you and your children can occupy your time, the faster time goes by. Take suitable things to play with on the journey (e.g. picture books, puzzle books), think up creative games (e.g. building word chains) and don’t forget cassettes. New cassettes and favourite stories are particularly interesting. Find space in your hand luggage for familiar objects, such as a soft toy or cuddly blanket, to give your child comfort and security.
  • Provisions:
    Easily digestible foodstuffs make ideal provisions. Fruit, vegetables and whole-wheat products should be at the top of your list. They supply the body with sufficient nutrition, without being too heavy. Ready-cut fruit or apples, bananas, strawberries and carrots are all suitable, as they can be eaten during the journey without making a mess. Avoid fatty, sweet or salty food or food that could melt.
  • Drink:
    Drink still water, unsweetened herbal or fruit tea or diluted fruit juice. Fruit and vegetables are also healthy and very good to ring the changes. Make sure you drink enough liquids.
  • Clothing:
    Wear clothes suitable for the time and year and temperature! If your child tends to sweat, put a towel in the children’s seat. This will soak up the sweat and your child will feel more comfortable. Wear light, loose-fitting clothing.

Avoid travelling at the start or end of the holiday season. If this can’t be helped, set off during the night. The children can sleep through the first few hours of the journey and you will be able to get off to a quick start due to the reduced volume of traffic on the roads.

Make sure you are carrying some form of protection from the heat and the sun’s rays and avoid draughts. Don’t drive with the window open or with the air conditioning on full blast. This will only make you catch a chill, which is the last thing you need on holiday.

Don’t forget to keep paper tissues and waste bags in your hand luggage. 

We hope you enjoy planning your holiday and that you have a relaxing time. Family holidays can be a great experience with a little preparation.