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Arts and crafts
Handicrafts using hay

Handicrafts using hay

Handicrafts using hay
Which hay can I use for arts and crafts?
Long hay from the first cut is ideal. It is easy to wind and saves wire.
Handicrafts using hay
Which wire is best?
Craft wire is best. The colour should be a similar colour to the hay. Dark colours stand out too much. Thread may be used instead of wire for small animals.
Handicrafts using hay
Which hay figures can be made?
Every type of animal. Hens, bunnies, cats, dogs and mice are especially popular.


How are hay figures made?
First, make the body and head. Then, depending on whether the animal has legs or not, work in thin sticks. When choosing the length of the sticks, work out how much will be inserted into the body. The animal should be able to stand up on its own. Now, wrap hay around the sticks. Then wrap wire around the whole body. Eyes, mouth and ears may be added if desired.

Tip: Some farmwomen will be happy to show you how to do arts and crafts with hay on holiday.

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