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Quality product
Lüch da Ciampidel

Lüch da Ciampidel

Quality product in Abtei 

Lüch da Ciampidel - St. Kassian  - Abtei - Farm Holidays in South Tyrol  - Dolomiten
Lüch da Ciampidel
Fam. Vito Agreiter
Ciampidel 31
39036 Abtei / St. KassianAbtei / St. Kassian
alternative +39 335 7897164
Mobile +39 334 8223922
info@ciampidel.com www.ciampidel.com
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The historical farm “Lüch da Ciampidel” lies at an altitude of 1,514 m in the district of St. Kassian im Gadertal/San Cassiano in Badia. The calves are reared with their mothers’ milk and are fed with the juicy grass growing on the farm pastures, which gives the meat an unmistakeable taste. The meat may be bought in the farm shop or to order in set portions and vacuum-packed.
Our products
fresh meat
Mixed packages of beef and veal (4 kg, 8 kg); roast beef, escalopes, roasting joints, gravy, goulash, mince, meat ragout, meat for soup, sausage for bbq), individual portions also on sale in farm shop
Quality criteria Fresh meat

Fresh meat - The value of origin

Safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to meat. Whether veal, beef or lamb, fresh meat bearing the ‘Red Rooster’ seal of quality is a local delicacy and you know what goes into it down to the last bite. Regionality is key! On South Tyrol’s farms healthy animals are provided with all they need to thrive, from appropriate stables to GM-free feed. Short transport routes and an uninterrupted cooling chain go towards establishing high quality meat production. In the end, it is the farmers themselves who guarantee the high standard of meat from ‘Red Rooster’.
How to find us
Drive from Stern in the St. Kassian direction. After 1 km, follow the sign in the left hand side for Ciampidel. The mountain farm may be found on the left after 200 metres. The farm shop is open from Thursday to Saturday from 9.00 – 12.00 am. It is closed in May.
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Lüch da Ciampidel in Abtei

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