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Farm Handcrafts in Feldthurns

Fam. Herbert Kerschbaumer
Schnauders 17
39040 Feldthurns
Product range:
  • crucifixes
  • Madonna statues
  • sculptures
  • one-off products

Our products


Thalerhof farm is located at 900 metres above sea level in the district of Schnauders above the village of Feldthurns. Fantastic views of the Dolomites may be had from the farm, which has been in the family’s hands since 1772. The Kerschbaumer family’s cowshed is home to 15 dairy cows and their young and there are two holiday flats on the farm, which are rented out to guests. Another eleven hectares of woodland also belong to Thalerhof. Herbert Kerschbaumer, the farmer, enjoys spending time in the woods as much as he does in his spacious wood carving workshop, where he may be seen working along with his father, also a keen wood carver, mainly in the winter months.

Farm Handcrafts

“What fascinates me about wood carving?“, Herbert Kerschbaumer doesn’t have to think too hard. “The fact that your own hands have the power to make an attractive sculpture out of a nondescript piece of wood”, answers the native of Feldthurns. He has been carving wood for over 25 years and learnt his trade in St. Ulrich in Gröden, the cradle of South Tyrolean wood carving. “This ancient handcraft is not just a hobby for me, but my vocation – an enjoyable, but also serious, business”, stresses Kerschbaumer as he strokes a piece of old wood and thinks about what he could carve out of it. “With time you develop a feel for which type of wood, whether soft or hard, is good for what and what you could carve out of a whole tree trunk, for example”, explains the young wood carver, who also holds wood carving courses in his workshop.


Take the Klausen exit from the Brenner motorway and follow signs to Feldthurns. Turn off left in the village centre and follow the road up the hill towards ‘Schnauders’. After about one kilometre there is a turning leading to Thalerhof down a small road on the left-hand side.


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