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Weather in South Tyrol

Today's weather:

Warm and unstable air masses will dominate the weather in South Tyrol.
Quite sunny in the west of the country, also in the east partly sunny for the next few hours. Bigger heap clouds will form and by the time some rain-showers will be possible. The risk for thunderstorms will be low.
Maximum temperatures range from 21° to 31°.

Tomorrow's weather:

The Alpine region will be influenced by high pressure with westerly currents.
In the morning some residual clouds or patches of fog, later everywhere sunny. Some flat clouds will form and therefore only isolated showers can be possible.
The temperatures will reach 25° to 32°.
Further trends:

Saturday, 30.07.2016


Sunday, 31.07.2016


Monday, 01.08.2016

Residual clouds on Saturday morning will break up. Some thunderstorms will be possible in the afternoon/evening. High temperatures of 33° can be expected. A cold front from the north west will approach and will lead to a more unstable atmosphere on Sunday. After a quite sunny morning rain showers and partly heavy thunderstorms have to be expected. On Monday warm temperatures, sun shine with some thunderstorms. On Tuesday the weather will remain unchanged.
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