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Farm bars
Seasonal farm cooking
Tasty food in the spring sunshine

Tasty food in the spring sunshine

Farm inns and bars open their doors

Tasty food in the spring sunshine
Farm inns and bars open their doors just in time for spring’s awakening
At Oberlegar farm, for instance, you can try delicate dishes made from home-grown asparagus - enough to tempt anyone’s tastebuds.

Besides the classic dishes, rural cuisine also features lots of specialities. For example, at Zmailer Hof farm, the dandelion salad and nettle dumplings are a treat not to be missed. Enjoy freshly picked chicory salad from the garden at Rauthof in Meran.

The following farm inns and bars are serving springtime seasonal dishes:

Farm bars in Meran and surroundings
> Falschauerhof in Ulten
> Nalserbacherkeller in Nals
> Pirchhof in Naturns
> Rauthof in Meran
> Schnalshuberhof in Algund
> Zmailer-Hof in Schenna

Farm bars in the Vinschgau
> Niedermair in Kastelbell-Tschars
> Tendershof in Graun im Vinschgau

Farm bars in the south of South Tyrol
> Ebnicherhof in Ritten
> Föhrner in Bozen
> Luggin Steffelehof in Kaltern a. d. Weinstraße
> Oberlegar in Terlan
> Steidlerhof in Bozen
> Wargerhof in Mölten

Farm bars in Eisacktal
> Huberhof in Brixen
> Buchnerhof in Lajen
> Oberpartegger in Villanders
> Pschnickerhof in Villanders
> Ungererhof in Ratschings
> Villscheiderhof in Brixen

Farm bars in the Dolomites
> Fronthof in Völs am Schlern
> Kinigerhof in Sexten
> Lüch de Survisc in Wengen
> Niedristhof in Percha
> Schifferegger in Kiens
> Wassererhof in Völs am Schlern